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What Doesn't Kill You; Food Industry Insights is a weekly podcast that examines the intersections between food, agriculture, people, and policy. Food is such a complex topic, yet we tend to take it for granted, paying little if any attention to the way food makes its way to our tables. As the world population increases there are all the more reasons to pause and reflect on the ways with which we feed ourselves.

Are we thinking of how our choices now will affect our planet's future? Can we promise the generations to come that they too will have the same access to rations that we enjoy today, at least in developed nations?  What kinds of impacts on other nations are we having as we chow down on those burgers and nuggets?  Our world has grown so small that what we eat here can make a major difference to the lives of people many thousands of miles away. 

Animal welfare, trade agreements, food and technology, antibiotic overuse, lobbying, climate change, water use monocropping, environmental degradation... these are just a few of the topics I explore in What Doesn't Kill You. My guests run the gamut from farmers and ranchers to scientists, agronomists, journalists and activists, and sometimes industry insiders, convinced that they are going to feed the world, even as their methods point ever more clearly to the opposite.