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I have been involved in the food business for the better part of my adult life. Having worked in restaurants, catering, executive dining and as a personal chef, I have a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of multiple cuisines. My education derives from hands on work in a restaurant in Paris, followed by several years with a french chef who taught me basics in technique. My subsequent work led me to explore many other cuisines, but the art and craft of French cooking is the foundation for my culinary expertise. In the immortal words of my chef and mentor Michel Guiton; "Get the best ingredients and don't screw it up."  I love to build flavor and texture into my food, no matter the cuisine. I strive for simplicity, no gimmicks, and honest, delicious, home style food above all else. That's what I offer my clients.


Culinary Services

 Life is always busy and cooking from scratch often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. If you are trying to eat well but don't always have time to prepare your own meals there is a solution. I can come into your home once or twice a week and prepare up to 8 portions of several dishes that will keep you healthy and satisfied during the busiest part of your week. Alternatively you can pick up from my home, if that is a better fit.  I portion and package the food for your convenience and whatever you don't use can mostly be popped into the freezer for future use.  You can ask for your favorite dishes or I will send menu suggestions from which you can pick. I can customize to dietary needs, such as gluten free or dairy free but I do not know how to make vegan food. 


Cooking Lessons

Cooking can be a chore, or it can be a moment of relaxation and joy. Which category does it fall into for you? I have taught cooking privately, in classes and in food pantries for decades. Whether you want to expand your repertoire, or brush up on techniques, taking a few classes can jump start your culinary imagination and provide all kinds of new inspiration for your meal rotation. One of my favorite models is to group 2-4 students in a class and produce a meal that can either be taken home or enjoyed on premise with friends or partners. Its a great way to socialize and learn at the same time. We can add wine or not, depending on student preferences.  Students can be hands-on or watch a demonstration. 

Students are encouraged to drive the curriculum so whether its learning how to make a tricky sauce, work with an exotic ingredient, or just some basic knife technique, I can make cooking easier, more fun, and more efficient. I charge $60 per lesson plus the cost of ingredients. You will have food to take home or eat on the spot depending on the lesson. 


Agrotourism for BnB guests

Curating an agrotourism experience for guests has been an aspiration for me since I started welcoming guests to my home. Farming terrestrially or in aquaculture is an economic backbone of the state, and I have many connections in both. From local meat, to oysters, cheese to vegetables, I can introduce you to the producers, and then show you what to do with their products. Schedule permitting we can invite them to come to tell us about what we are eating and the challenges they face farming in an age of fast food. 

With local breweries, wineries, and distilleries within just a few miles of my house, I can also bring in speakers for tastings and pairings with meals made from local ingredients. It doesn't really get more down home than that. Dine in my beautiful home on the freshest and best that Rhode Island has to offer for a never to be forgotten vacation experience. Price TK

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